Things to Bring

Things to Bring…

Check over this list before school begins to make sure you have everything to begin a great year at CBI!

  • Two pictures of your child.
  • Two family pictures (we accept selfies!).
  • A school bag (big enough to hold your child’s lunch, drink and artwork).
  • A lunch box labeled with your child’s name (remember to label all containers and water bottles). Ice pack optional, but we do not have space to refrigerate lunches so plan accordingly.
  • Items for nap. Please purchase a napmat in the style of the “Wildkin” napmat (can be found on Amazon). Security item/lovie if your child has one (labeled).
  • Two extra changes of clothes (including socks and underwear) in a labeled Ziploc bag (label all items!).
  • A month’s supply of diapers and wipes. Your child’s teacher will alert you when they are running low.
  • Nap diapers if your child wears them (but is potty trained).
  • Two boxes of tissues.
  • Rain boots and rain coat (to keep at home until it rains, we go out in all weather!).
  • School Health Entrance Form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate