CBI Orientation Process

CBI Orientation Process

In order to help make the transition to school a smooth one, we invite you to participate in our orientation activities.

Home visit (teacher will schedule time with you):   A chance for your child to meet one of his or her teachers in a comfortable environment.  The visit will be short, about 15 minutes.  During this time, your child may want to show his or her room, a special toy or book, or simply sit quietly on your lap.  The teacher will use this time to focus on getting to know your child.

Back to school picnic ( Sunday before school startsForest Hills Park) :  Pack a picnic lunch for your family, grab bathing suits and towels for the kids, and meet at Forest Hills Park as we celebrate the beginning of the new year together.

Classroom visit (Monday before School begins) :  Visit the classroom with your preschooler.  Plan to play with play dough, draw a picture, build with blocks, and spend time allowing your child to get to know the classroom space.  This will last about 45 minutes.

Parent orientation/Back to School Night (Tuesday after labor day) :  Learn about the school, the class curriculum, meet the teachers, ask questions, share your hopes and dreams for your child, and discuss concerns.  This is an adult only meeting (infants welcome) and babysitting is not provided. We request that a representative from each family attend this important meeting, so check the schedule and plan ahead (parents only).

New Student Short Day  (Tuesday before school begins): Our short day is a chance for your child to practice going to school without a parent. This experience helps young children feel secure in a new environment.  We’ll read stories, play with play dough, explore the classroom, and more.  Each child is scheduled for a 30 minute visit.  Parents are invited to remain in the building in either the library or the lobby or to use the opportunity for a short break.  If you choose to remain in the building, please do not let your child know you are present.  Please come early to find a safe place to park (not the drop-off zone), walk your child into the classroom, help him say hello and start on an activity, and be sure to say goodbye.

Teacher chat (Monday and Tuesday before school begins):  This brief chat is a chance for you to have an individual meeting with your child’s teacher.  Let us know about your child, discuss your goals for the year, and tell us how you want to be involved. This can also be a phone conversation. We will send out a sign-up sheet to schedule your appointment.

Homework:  You know your own child best, but we have found that most young children transition best with some, but not too much advance preparation.  For children who are new to school or new to CBI, in the week before school starts, you may want to read your child a few books with a starting school theme.  It’s also a good idea to talk with your child about some of the things (reading stories, playing with blocks, singing songs, etc.) we will be doing at school over the course of the day.

First day of school (Third Wednesday in August):  Please find a safe place to park (not the drop-off zone), walk your child into the classroom, help him say hello and start on an activity, and be sure to say goodbye.  Our experience has shown that most children separate more easily when the drop-off and goodbye are short.  Some children cry, and the teachers are prepared to comfort your child and to help work through the emotions that come with saying goodbye.  Some children need a more gradual beginning with shorter days at first, and we will work with you to make adjustments as needed.  If you anticipate a difficult departure, please discuss this with your child’s teacher. We have lots of experience and suggestions to help you through this transition.