Communication at CBI PS&K

URGENT messages: Call 434-295-6382 and enter EXT 200 for immediate answer. Ask the office manager to deliver the message.

Non-urgent messages: Call 434-295-6382 and enter EXT 501 for Jill.

The quickest way to get a response to non-urgent messages is through EMAIL!,

Questions or concerns about your child: contact your child’s teachers.

Schedule changes: please email your child’s teacher AND Clara (this includes drop in days, aftercare changes, and missed days).

Billing questions: contact Clara or Jill.  

Ways to Stay Updated:



Friday letter: sent weekly and includes updates on news and links to pictures.

Pictures: always available on the blog.

Calendar: on website and on the blog.

Want to put the calendar on your computer or phone?

1) In the “Calendar” menu, select “subscribe”.

2) In the URL field, enter