Early and Aftercare

How does early care differ from the usual school day?

Early care is done “family style”, with kids of differing ages together, from 8 a.m.-8:50 a.m. Courtyard drop off is not available during early morning and parents need to park and bring their child to the designated early care classroom. Children then go to their classrooms for their day.

How does after care differ from the usual school day?

Aftercare, or Afterclub, is split into two different classes for the 2016-2017 school year with an younger and older cohort. Our aftercare kids do not typically go outside at the 3:15 pick up time but stay inside for free play, a snack, and (weather permitting) outside play. Aftercare pick up ends at 5:30 p.m. sharp, except on Fridays from November March when pick up ends at 5:00 p.m.

Pick ups made after the end of the school day are subjected to the charges laid out in the CBI PS&K family handbook.

Pick up can happen any time between 3:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. in the classroom and courtyard pick up is not an option during this time period. Parents need to park and come in to pick up their child.

Can my child “drop in” for after or early care if they are not regularly registered?

Drop ins are an option for early or after care and must be approved by the preschool office staff in order to make sure that our staff to child ratios remain safe. 24 hours advance notice is required.

We understand that families have ever evolving needs and do our best to work with you. Drop in charges are billed at the end of each week via email and are due that Monday.

Drop In Care and Schedule Changes

Can my child drop in for an extra or half day?

Absolutely, as long as there is space! In addition to communicating with your child’s teacher please call or email the preschool office at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure that there is enough staff, etc for your child’s extra time at school. Drop in charges are billed at the end of each week via email and are due that Monday.

My child has a doctor/dentist appointment and will be late to school or need to leave early, where will they be?

Please check in with your child’s teacher about their particular schedule and your needs.

Can someone other than myself pick up my child?

Of course! The preschool office just requires written notification (either via email or paper) if someone else will be picking up your child.

Snow Days

When will I know if school will be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather?

School closing and delays will be announced by 7a.m.

Alerts are available by text message and the closing/delay will also be sent out via listserv and posted on Facebook.

Please consult your family handbook for our snow day policies.


Can my child refrigerate or heat up their lunch at school?

We do not have the space to refrigerate lunches at school so please plan appropriately, many parents use a small ice pack to keep lunches cool. Children can heat up their lunches in microwaves.

What does Kosher lunch mean?

In order to keep the building Kosher all lunches must be vegetarian. Fish excluding shellfish (and other bottom feeders) is allowed. Consult the CBI PS&K Family handbook for more information.

Home Items at School

Can my child bring toys to school?

Items from home can be problematic so with the exception of “lovies”/comfort items for nap/rest time we ask that home toys stay home. We have plenty of things to do at school!

What are Babysitting Days?

Babysitting days are offered on days where there are closings for holidays or teacher work days.Babysitting is offered on Martin Luther King day, President’s day and during spring break. Sign up for babysitting days is required in advance and is not included in tuition.

Any questions? Email the preschool office!