Our School


 From the toddler collecting acorns in the woods to our fourth grade writing poetry by creekside, all of our students  solve problems, interpret information, test theories and make choices while exploring in the woods. Come experience CBI Forest School as a place learning comes to life in the most joyful ways.

You will HEAR children talking and laughing, inviting a friend to join them in play.

You will SEE children interacting in small and large groups as they express themselves in multiple ways including music, art, drama, math, science, and emergent literacy all in the outdoor classrooms.

You may SMELL the scents of nature, whether rain is on the way or the fresh herbs growing in our garden.

You will FEEL the affection of our teachers as they guide children to grow and learn.

Each outdoor classroom is filled with experiences to intrigue, delight, and provoke children to explore.