CBI Forest School’s educational approach emphasizes freedom within structure. Classes follow a daily schedule, yet each day we pivot as outdoor explorations provide opportunities to observe and learn in new ways. We follow a developmental, constructivist approach which recognizes and addresses the individual growth and needs of students. This creates opportunities for children to grow at their own pace. 

A typical day begins with community building, followed by a significant block of time in which students work on core skills. Jewish values and social-emotional learning are interwoven throughout the day as students learn responsibility for themselves, their classmates, and the natural world.

When our youngest students begin the school year, they begin their educational journey. Like a small seed, comfort and safety is their fertilizer. Attention is given to foster deep relationships between both students and the teachers.  Social and communicative abilities take the forefront as friendships deepen. The environment created by teachers allows for exploration, collaboration, and executive functioning skills that teach children independence and confidence. Teachers guide their students cognitively, physically, socially, and spiritually providing the framework to learn and grow.